There is No Substitute for Realistic Training Equipment

No matter the audience or the environment, training should strive to be as realistic as possible.

After teaching many classes for industry technicians and students alike, The Peterson Brothers team has perfected the design that teaches electrical control system concepts to every audience.

Imagine the ability to introduce simple electrical theories, then progress into circuit fundamentals, and finally industrial wiring standards all with one low-cost piece of equipment.

You don't have to imagine any longer.

Integration into Every Training Setting

Our line of control wiring panels is the perfect solution regardless of the training environment.

Since it was originally designed for use in industrial technician training, it's the perfect fit for corporate as well as academic training programs.

From high school to college and to industry, the emphasis of the work is placed on the student to learn, design, and create solutions to problems.


The curriculum will teach not only the students, but also the instructor, as they are guided from simple to complex wiring tasks in an engaging setting. 

Cost-Effectiveness is the Driving Force

The final outcome of troubleshooting is to fix problems faster in order to save money.

Why should the equipment used to teach such a skill be evaluated any differently?

Our price is set for clarity:

$700 for the standard wiring panel

$1600 for the wiring panel with PLC included

    - No annual license fee for the PLC software.

Your end goal is clear - build a training environment that produces quality results, without spending too much money.

We get it. We're right there with you.

Our Team is by your Side for the Long Haul

What good is a training program if you can't develop and evolve with the changes in technology? 

Coming from a teaching background, we understand the challenges of investing into the education of the techs and the students while also somehow keeping up with current technology.

We'll never promise to be a substitute for the teacher - only you can fill that role. But we can partner with you to help design and sustain your program.

We also have the ability to connect schools with  local industry support, providing the external support you need to keep growing your vibrant program.

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