There is No Substitute for Realistic Training Equipment

Our Labs Promote Individual Learning and Enable Student Social Distancing! 

The Starting Line

The PBA Industrial Wiring Control Panel Trainer

The foundation for teaching students about electricity and troubleshooting fundamentals. This panel is the foundation for the rest of the PBA Industrial Training System.


Every panel and upgrade is designed to complement an instructor-led class, so each hour of hands-on curriculum from the panels should work with 1 hour of classroom or homework content.

Start your students with the knowledge they need to enter high-paying careers in the Information Age.


PBA Industrial Wiring Panel Purchase Includes: 

Wiring Panel Trainer with Control Devices

Curriculum for Wiring Panel (~36 hours)

PBA Industrial Wiring Panels: 700$ Per Unit

Curriculum Included

Voltmeters Sold At Cost, Price Based On Meter

The Goal Of The PBA System

Industry Skills, Collegiate Level Curriculum, Budget Friendly Cost

The PBA Industrial Training System provides schools with organized curriculum and complete hands-on lab material. Every student has the opportunity to achieve skill and proficiency.

Our equipment is smaller and more cost-effective than traditional training panels. This allows schools to purchase a unit for every station, promoting effective, individual learning for the students.

Every upgrade builds upon the basic panel, but each course is still self-contained and able to be taught as a complete class.


The Future of Programming

Beyond the Analog - Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)

Once skill is built in the basic analog control and electrical troubleshooting, the next step is teaching students how to use modern control systems. 

PLCs exist in virtually every industrial environment. High Volume Air Conditioner? It could be Siemens PLC. Machine center in a Lumber Mill? It could be an Allen Bradley PLC. Giant robotic arm? It could be a Fanuc PLC.

The knowledge of PLCs and their function is another fundamental skill that the next step in the PBA System will build upon.

PBA PLC Panels: 1600$ Per Unit

Curriculum and Software Included, No Subscriptions

PLC Panel Includes foundation Wiring Panel 

Voltmeters Sold At Cost, Price Based On Meter

PBA PLC Upgrade Kit: 1000$ Per Unit

Curriculum and Software Included, No Subscriptions

Upgrade requires the foundation Wiring Panels


PBA PLC Upgrade Includes: 

PLC System that fits in the Top Right of Panel Lab

Curriculum for PLC System (~72 hours)

PBA PLC Panel Kit Includes:

PBA Industrial Wiring Panel 

PLC Upgrade Kit Already Installed By PBA

Curriculum for Wiring Panel (~36 hours)

Curriculum for PLC System (~72 hours)

Adding Advanced Motor Control

Teaching Students How to Control Motors

The next step in teaching students about industry is the subject of motors and advanced motor control. 

Our course teaches students modern motor control techniques with Variable Frequency Drives that help make motors run efficiently and helps with dynamic control.

When used in conjunction with the HMI system in the next module, the students will be able to build complete, state-of-the-art control systems in the safety of their lab!


PBA VFD Upgrade Includes: 

VFD Sub Panel and Ethernet Comms Module

Ethernet Cable and Network Switch 

System Mounted on 6" x 10" Sub Panel

Curriculum for VFD System (~36 hours)

PBA VFD Upgrade Kit: 1000$ Per Unit

Curriculum and Software Included, No Subscriptions

Upgrade requires PLC Panels

Learn Modern Control With An HMI

Control Anything From Anywhere

The last step the students need to learn is how to use networked Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs). This will help them turn the corner into becoming Automation Engineers. 

When the students finish this course, they will be ready for the finale project. Their own, hand-programmed, Industrial Control System!

PBA HMI Upgrade Kit: 1000$ Per Unit

Curriculum and Software Included, No Subscriptions

Upgrade requires PLC Panels


PBA HMI Upgrade Includes: 

HMI Sub Panel

Ethernet Cable and Network Switch

System Mounted on 6" x 8" Sub Panel

Curriculum for HMI System (~36 hours)

Curriculum for VFD/HMI Integration (~36 hours)

The PBA Industrial Training System

The Culmination of Your Students' Years of Training!

The last piece to be added is the PBA lab conveyor and sensor system. This system will allow students to build a transport conveyor system with dynamic control, remote operation, and sensor control.




Our goal is to transform Students into Experts!

PBA Industry Upgrade Kit We Estimate to Cost 3300$ Per Unit

Curriculum and Software Included, No Subscriptions

Upgrade Requires PLC Panels with HMI and VFD Upgrades

PBA Industry Upgrade Includes: 

Lab Conveyor System and Sensor Kit

Curriculum for Sensors and COmplete Automation Integration System (~72 hours)

Background of the PBA System


Integration into Every Training Setting

Our line of control wiring panels was originally designed for use in industrial technician training, it's the perfect fit for corporate as well as academic training programs.

From high school to college and industry, the emphasis of the work is placed on the student to learn, design, and create solutions to problems.


The curriculum will teach not only the students, but also the instructor, as they are guided from simple to complex wiring tasks in an engaging setting. 

Cost-Effectiveness is the Driving Force

The final outcome of troubleshooting is to fix problems faster in order to save money.

Why should the equipment used to teach such a skill be evaluated any differently?

Our price is set for clarity:

$700 for the standard wiring panel

$1600 for the wiring panel with PLC included

    - No annual license fee for the PLC software.

Your end goal is clear - build a training environment that produces quality results, without spending too much money.

We get it. We're right there with you.


Our Team is by your Side for the Long Haul


What good is a training program if you can't develop and evolve with the changes in technology? 

Coming from a teaching background, we understand the challenges of investing into the education of the techs and the students while also somehow keeping up with current technology.

We'll never promise to be a substitute for the teacher - only you can fill that role. But we can partner with you to help design and sustain your program.

We also have the ability to connect schools with  local industry support, providing the external support you need to keep growing your vibrant program.