Training and Education

Training for your Technicians

We offer courses and training to advance the skills of those who operate the equipment on a daily basis. Our schedules and costs allow you to make the most of your training budgets. The variety of courses offered is constantly evolving to meet current industry needs.

The duration of the classes is limited to 1-day or 2-day depending on the content. Most classes can be held at our Chehalis, WA office, or they can be brought to you! We work with small classes (minimum of two students, maximum of 6) to ensure the most hands-on and personal instruction time possible.

Our catalog of courses includes, but is not limited to the following subjects:

  • Basic Electrical Concepts

  • Workplace Safety and Lock Out, Tag Out

  • Digital Multimeter Use for Troubleshooting

  • Allen Bradley PLC Wiring and Schematic Interpretation

  • Siemens S7 PLC Wiring and Schematic Interpretation

  • Ladder Schematics and Ladder Programming Concepts

  • Industrial Device Identification and Terminology

  • Relay Control Panel Troubleshooting

  • Microsoft Computer Usage and Applications

  • Computer Networking Principles

  • Interpersonal and Teamwork (Soft Skills) Training

If your team is in need of specific training subjects, be sure to contact us to see if we can design a custom solution. Most equipment has basic underlying similarities and custom content can be designed rather easily in most cases.

Internal Training Development

There are plenty of facilities and schools who promise to train your employees, giving them the best possible experience (we are one of them). But sometimes, your own workforce is the best possible training provider. Using your employees as mentors and teachers can help to build teamwork and a sense of unity, but often designing that teaching atmosphere and laying out the curriculum can be a difficult task.

The teaching experience of Peterson Brothers Automation includes building curriculum for electronics and industrial automation fields, and delivering that material in a variety of modes - classrooms, multimedia, online, as well as with simulated equipment models.

We would love the opportunity work alongside you to empower your team to build each other and learn from experience. No matter the size, scale or complexity of your training vision.

We are proud to work alongside Impact Washington, assisting local companies as they address recruiting and training difficulties. We encourage you to learn more about their Smart Talent program, and contact them to see how we can work together to provide an outstanding solution for you, just like many others have around Washington State.


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