Employee Accelerator Course

A Broad Platform of Skills


We understand that every new employee will need a set of entry level skills, and even sometimes a horizontal shift in job titles can lead to a need for some refresher skills. Not every employee needs all the same skills, but some skills are vital no matter what job description you hold.

Peterson Brothers can provide the basic entry and refresher skills that will give your employees an immediate benefit to their entire team from the day they step foot in the door or into their new job assignment.

The courses are designed to meet the following skill outcomes through an intensive 4-day period:

  • Safety in the areas of mechanical, electrical, fluid, chemical, and Lock-Out-Tag-Out procedures, in accordance with OSHA compliant references

  • Common-sense approaches to reducing workplace safety hazards through the use of tools including Operational Risk Management and simple observation and assessment skills.

  • Electrical troubleshooting and preventive maintenance including common trade terminology, voltage/current/power relationships, electrical circuits and loading, identification of common problems, cable and wire routing and identification, etc.

  • Workplace communication including written and verbal forms of communication, working respectfully in teams, methods of effectively accomplishing tasks in teams, dynamics inside employee/supervisor and colleague interactions, etc.

  • Conflict resolution including personality types and how to work with others, how to avoid problems by predicting responses, and how to effectively address and solve conflicts permanently. 

Upcoming Classes

Class sizes are limited to 8 students per class, with hands-on assessments for the safety and electrical troubleshooting skills sections of the course.

Cost is $1625 per student for 4 days, with books, reference material and catered meals included at no extra charge.

  • Aug 12-15

  • Oct 14-17

  • Jan 13-16

8 Seats Open

8 Seats Open

8 Seats Open

Chehalis, WA

Chehalis, WA

Chehalis, WA

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