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We Specialize in Developing Training for your Technician Teams and for your Classroom

Our labs promote individual learning and enable students to troubleshoot faster and more effectively in industrial jobs! 

And Serving Others!

"Thank you once again! The technicians all came back feeling like they have some new tools! I truly appreciate the effort you have put into this course." 

Engineering Manager

Chehalis, WA

Serving You!

Give us a call or drop us a message so we can help your team and company achieve less downtime and lower costs through effective training and skill development!


How much money are you losing to equipment downtime?

Equipment downtime is costing you hundreds, even thousands, of dollars every single minute. In some industries, that number can exceed $10,000 per minute. Here's the worst part... your technicians aren't properly trained to minimize this problem effectively.

High turnover in your technical team is compounding these losses

Every time a good technician leaves you suffer more than the immediate loss. In addition to the time and cost of finding a replacement workforce, those skills have now gone elsewhere. Usually, these are your best and brightest that are now providing profit for your competitor!


Unique facilities and equipment require unique training courses.

Most training programs offer generic courses and content designed to apply to a wide range of technical audiences. In some cases, those courses will only teach to a specific brand of equipment. It can be extremely difficult to find courses that teach YOUR technicians those skills required in YOUR facility.  

We know what it’s like to be understaffed and underskilled with downtime costs piling up every minute.

We’ve experienced many equipment failures that are due to preventable, and many times, simple issues. Without proper training and experience, even small equipment failures can turn into expensive disasters. It hurts watching your best technicians with those critical skills walk out the door to other opportunities.

That's why we created the

"Technician Development Program"

Our Technician Development Program is a sequence of electrical and automation troubleshooting classes paired with workplace culture shift strategies designed to help you in three fundamental areas to see results within one quarter. 


  • First, your team will be given critical, value-adding tools and cultural strategies to implement.


  • Second, we design and teach a sequence of hands-on courses, targeting the downtime failures that hit you hardest.


  • Third, we will help you develop simple Key Performance Indicators to verify the results of the training.


When finished, you’ll have the ultimate team of highly skilled technicians who have the ability to quickly fix problems with a desire to excel and grow in their positions.

Don't waste any more time!

Contact Peterson Brothers Automation today. Every minute is costing you.

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