Hands-On Training Programs Customized For Your Team


Decrease Downtime Cost 

Enhance Skill Proficiency

Improve Employee Retention 

Downtime regularly costs $1000 every minute.
For some industries, that number can exceed $10,000!
How much are you losing?
Save valuable time by enabling your team to handle those expensive failures.
Provide technicians with essential hands-on skills to solve problems from electrical troubleshooting to industrial networking and automation.
Give them the tools they need to become mentors, passing on skills and investing in the entire team.
High employee turnover doesn't have to be an unfortunate reality. 
With the right tools and abilities, your company culture can become a magnet to attract and retain the best technicians in the workforce.
Our Technician Development Program is a sequence of electrical and automation troubleshooting classes paired with workplace culture shift strategies designed to help you in three fundamental areas to see results within one quarter. 
— First, your team will be given critical, value-adding tools and cultural strategies to implement.
— Second, we design and teach a sequence of hands-on courses, targeting the downtime failures that hit you hardest.
— Third, we will help you develop simple Key Performance Indicators to verify the results of the training.
When finished, you’ll have the ultimate team of highly skilled technicians who have the ability to quickly fix problems with a desire to excel and grow in their positions.
Don't wait to contact us.
Every minute can cost thousands.
About Peterson Brothers Automation

Our goal is simple - provide mechanical, electrical and control system solutions for industry and education. We firmly believe that our commitment to excellence is the key to reliability, efficiency, and excitement for the workforce.

We grew up experimenting and inventing new ways to teach and to learn. We hope to share that enthusiasm and build it into every solution - find out how we can work together to advance your equipment capability, your team's performance and provide outstanding service and products to help you excel!

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